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crews... are... closely watching... the... coaatal flooding ituatton../ &psituation../ especially around millees island in eastern baltimore county where.. right now... water is cutting off access to several homes... kathleen cairns has more on how residents are reacting: 3 3&(kathleen as live lead)"the tremendous..... ----pkg insert------waves- the water issblowing up the bay with tremendous force and millers island is beeng slowly swallowed by
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the sea. -waves-(dawn lewis) "ya gotta keep an eye onnthe water"dawn lewis, and hundreds of other island residents are watchiig the waters rise. (dawn lewis) "ya start looking sure your pictures and things like that are up. everythhng else is replaceable."as thee winds gain strength (deniie haas) "we do all take precautions and look out for each other"the red cross goes door to door as it makes the roundsand puts out the warning... be prepared. (pointing red cross worker)"were seeing alot of flooding along chesapeake ave" (voice only)) "i got a team ready toobring in if i have tooofoo now they watch, wait, and wonder what will happen next, as water
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levels conttnue to rise. (voice only)"it has no where to go" ----as live tag 5:00----- (kathleen as live tag..... oq: five pm) some of the heavy rains... coming just in time for ruuh hour to start... start... we take you into the commute.. with our mobile trak. --- anchors adlib --- 3
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how are the roads looking tonig? tooight?brandi proctor has our report. mapbelairwilkensfiber395map
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a... researcher gunned down... in baltimore.../ just... feet... from his car...//. pollce... suspect.... it was... an... attemmted robbery..../ crime... and... justicee reportee... joy lepoll is live at police headquarters downtown and teels us .../ . several ... people... were nearby.../ nearby.../ when... the... gunfire began..///. about... átheirá... safety...// doctor peter marvit... was a researchee at the national institutes of health. the 51 year old had just parked his car after returning home from
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chorus practice. it was ((vo)) marvit would later be found just feettfrommhis car... shot in the chest. neighbors say it sounded as if a short time later, marvit was pronounced dead at johns hopkins hospital.. it's a crime that's left neighbors to wonder if thee might be next. 3 12:20:18 it makes you think because i'm in and out the car you just never know you just don't want to be the next victim you know and you don't want you neiggbbr's to be the next victim. :28 p28 12:44:04 i'm just outraged that a person whoois just getting out of his car for seeminly no reason at all is shot. it's outraaous. :14 some people in the community tell me that doctor marvit was a ember of the communitt association's nnighborhood waach group. today it was detectives who hit the paaement ... they passed out
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flyers with marvit's picture on them. joy lepola fox 44 news at 5:00. a howard county teen admits to killing his friend duuing a fight last summer at an apartment complex in columbia. xavier bates pleaded guilty to stabbing 17-year-old christian hall.bates stole a steak knife froo a local safeway and chased hall to his apartment, stabbing him 10 times. sentencing is set for december. prosecutors are reccomending he spend 60 years in prison. poliie make an arrest in last weekssshooting on the campus of mmrgan ssate university.... 20 year old kelly lamont ellerbee of chinquapin parkway faces attempted first degrre murder and relaaed charges for the non fatal shooting of a 19 year at the sttdent ceeter.the victim.. michael campbell was visiting his cousin... a footbbll player at morgan state.police are holding a press conference right now... we have a ccew on the scene and wiil update you on fox 45 news at 5:30. new this anne
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arundel county middle school student was found with a b.b. gun and aaseven inch knife on board the sshool bus. police say he was taken into custody police say the weapon was . discharged at the bus stop, and a 13 year old was struck... but not seriously hurt. prosecutors and debt collectors workkng together. it's a trend that is on the upswing across the country according to a recent new york times artiile. and in maryland, it's happening too . .baltimore county prosecutors refers people who write bad chhcks to a collection agency that writes a letter to the debtor using the proscutors letterhead.state prosecutor scott schellenberge says the program, which sometimes attend a finanicial planning class, a win win for the county. he says it keeps people who make a minor mistake out of the court system. as for the money, he says the county doess't keep any. 20:00:03"i made a decision a few years ago that i didn't look proper for the profits from the private company too
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come to the state's attroney's office. so i made a decision thht our portion of the program is donated to charity." charity."last year the program lead to $75,000 in restiution for business owners. maryland democrats are now endorsing awrite-in candiddte for connress in the firstdistri. district.their action.../ follows... the withdrawl... of... the... democratii nominee....//john... rydell ...joins us... with the latest../. first... district race...john.... wendy rosen.... haswithdrrwn... froo the race.... amid "registeeed"...and "voted"... in both maryland...and democrats...are now...throwing...their support...behind...a notteecandidate. hees dr. john "laferla"... who chestertown.he ran... in he democratic primary...but lost... by only 50-votes.but because wendyyrosen... hasjust her name...will on the democrats...have have "dr. laferla" write-in candidate.but he admits...he
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efforts to incumbant... andyyharris. (laferla) "i can tell you that delivered 700 babies in chestertown and theye all have moms and dads and they all talk to couuins and friends, so we go to get the word out, but yes, it's an uphill battle, therees no question about it." no "write-in" candidate has ever a major office in least...not... in modern history.john rydell... fox 45 news at five. p striking... teachers... innchicago... get... support ... from baltimore. --car driving nats--- nats--- protestors... rallied today... near... western... high school... in... north baltimore .../ some... wearing red... to support the chicago teacher's union.../ as... it enterss... day--7 of the... strike...//. wwlked off... the job... last week,.../ after... the city... and union ...failed to reach a deal ... on... issses like... teacher evaluations... and... job security..../ members... of... area... civil rights .say... those ...issues... are universal. "we encourage all educational advocates across the couutry to follow their lead and begin
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to speak up and speak out against what they erceive to be injustices,,because the &pinjustices that affect them, affect all of us." us." 3 union delegates ... will... vote... on a tentative ddal... sometime tonite and the unionn presidenn has said she'll support it. fox45 is helping kick off the annual baltimore book festival. festival.our very own tom rodgers was at centerstage in mount vernon this morning to announce details for this year's festivaa. the event got off to a sweet start with doron petersan... winner of the food network's "cupcake wars" and author of "sticky fingers sweets:100 super- secret vegan recipes."petersan revealed tips from her nnw cookbook.. including the most important part of baking... the presentation. you cannoy present a cupcake , - that does not look perfect, especially if its a vegan little scaaed, so you have to so, i thought it would be an l excellent time for the mayor to learn not only how to decorate cupcakes, but to begin the vegan challenge."
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challenge." as you can see, mayor accepted the challenge... the book festival features more than 200 authors and ruus septemmer 28th through the 30th. a man accused offthreatening to kill people working inside an anne arundel ounty child suppprt office speaks out tonight.that's new later on &p3 45 news at 5:30. almost ten years later and the -dc sniper case stills looms in tte minds of authorities all over the thee national law enforcement museum is remembering the three weeks of terror. 3&and, it's a moment of candor paul gessler--we fact- check mitt romney's controversial statements straight ahead.
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next month will mark the 11th anniversary... of the sniper at. attacks.and today... the national law enforcement museum is conveninn olice officials... to discuss the case.several of the officers who played a role in the investigation... are scheduled to take part.the 2002 shootings in d-c, maryland and virginia... left 10 people deaa.the suspects... john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo... were later convicted. 3 even... mitt romney... is... sayinn... he ...didn't choose ...his words well../. but... the republican candidate... is... sticking by themm ... in... the latest... campaign controversy. controversy.paul gessler joins us to explain why democrats are pouncing. romney was recorded at a
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fundraiser back in may &pgeneralizing obama voters as those dependent on government. he's a small portion of the tape obtained by mother jones magazine. romney in video: "mm job is not to worry abouttthose people. i'll never convince the" them."romney said 47 percent of the country pays no income tax--that's somewhat true. 46 percent of americans do not pay federal income tax.he went on to say those people will vote for the president regardless of his campaign. political scientists and data from the last election argue otherwise. dr. richard vatz, towson university: "it's not true. he'ssnot gonna lose all 47% of those votes. he ppobably shouldn't have said it. but, all of that said, what this is is just another distraction." diitraction."allison fraser, heritage foundation: 22.32.50 "at the same time, we have a growing number of americans who are receiving government programs." romney told reporters lastnight he was responding to question about he political process... and how his aim shouud be the independents who he says will decide the
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election in november.paul gessler, fox45 news at five. that brings us to our question of the day. you think the video will hurt tte romney campaign? campaign? brian writes on our facebook page..."i ddubt it. the only people who care are the people who are going to vote for obama anywayy" 3 but naomi writes..."romney has no idea what it means to live on a middle or low income." income." many responses on this question ...and as you might expect a lot offstrong opinions. go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you off... thru... &pfacebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... ffx45a for fox45b for no. &pchild safety seats in cars. what officials say paaents are doing wrong that could pose big ddngers for children.
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3 --adblib weather tz-- heavy rains... making their
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way... &pthru... some parts....of the country...//.flash flood... warnings... were in effect... from... northern mississippii.. to... west virginia...//. at... middle... tennessee state university... monday,.../ students... &phad... to wade thru... the standing water... on campus....//barricades... were plaaed... to keep teachers and students... from driving... into puddles. --- react to story ---
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heavy rains... of... our own... / making their way through ouu . area.we're under a torrado watch right now.. .chief meteorologist vytas reid...
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3 it's one of the biggest health issuus today.../ how and why ...the baltimore ravens are getting involved. ♪
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you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. the baltimore ravens are
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bringing awareness to one of football's most pressing health issues... concuusions. coocussions. the new intiative was announced today at the under ravens are teaming up with medstar sports medicine to teach young athletes the
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symptoms of concussions, and encourage them to sit out of the game until cleared by a doctor.linebacker jameel mcclain will be featured in a campaign called "when in doubt, sit it outt... " "iq:when it comes to tte head, sure this awareness is importan" important." the ravens have pledged 125- thousand dollars over ive years to the cause. mornings are a busy time for moms and dads trying to get their kids out the door..and you know it's a struggle sometimes to make sure they get a good'ss some advice for quick, healthy . meals.experts say including something from three different groups is key... whole grainn, prottins and fruit.many parents turn to cereal in the morning, but that might not be
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the best choice every day. "even the organic breekfast cereals have a lot of hidden sugar and sodium in them." them."you can also plan the night before, by cooking oatmeal... with a little bit of milk, and brown sugar.let it cool nd just reheat in the morning and add some fresh fruit. many ... parents... are... making big mistakes.../ when... using seatt... for their kids. kids.a survey... by... the... national highway... traffic safety administrrtion... finds.... ...admit.../ they... don't áreadá... instruction &pmanuals... safety seats...//. the... biggest mistakes... include... using... the wrong slots... for... seat belts.../ r... leaving the seats too loose. 3 a mmn accused of threatening to kill people working inside an anne arundel county child supporttoffice speaks out tonight.that's new ttnight on fox 45 newssat 5:30. 3
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